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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 1, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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determine what role this man, this suspect 38 world had. is suspected in the that. his third year-old son it remains missing tonight. in vallejo investigators believe that he is connected to the death of two women. those women were reported missing on sunday and it decomposed bodies were found in vallejo. it came to a dramatic and last may with to moret dead bodies. had there has this part of the story. heather? >> yes pan, police were looking for him after he had been named a suspect in the hercules murder. here's our is picture. he was bought it last night and it reached at 100 mi. per hour. that ended when he was shot and killed by the c h c here in richmond. once they say he
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crashed his car through the mall ended side of the car was his girlfriend said each man who had been strangled to death. she was kidnapped from this want she worked last night and after crashing the car he ran into the market and they tell us what happened next. >> these video cameras that you see here out of the mall and here inside of the ranch market in richmond recorded the entire incident 0434 year-old effort am and the p h p officers. they told me at 845 tuesday night in baltimore wrote ran into the market making his way to the seafood department. they told kron4 news that here he appeared to grab one of the butcher's nice. chp officer picked up from there. >> we perceive him into the market and he displayed a large weapon, a large knife and be ordered him to drop that. he did
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not. the officers feared for his safety and but he charge and was mortally wounded. >> the whole scene was copied on several indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras and they have all been turned over to police investigators at this point. at said the ranch market i am here for the kron4 news. >> this story focuses in two different cities. christine connally is in hercules where an older man was beaten to death. the death of two women was discovered this morning. fees >> forget to the to more women now want to talk about a news conference that just wrapped up a little bit ago in the police department did the police confirmed that another murder of the bodies was in the train at 46 year-old. how is she connected? she was the going he
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had kidnapped her. >> mr. ephron and mystery and have their business in this city of light appeared it was a salon where she worked at. he then put your in the vehicle, her vehicle and kidnapped her and the impression we have right now that she made contact by phone with the relative advise them of the front had taken hey by force. they then contacted us and some information was relayed from berkeley is that there were actual tracking the vehicle. >> he is suspected of killing read it sometime between 5 and 846 when he was shot to death.
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in the meantime at this location is the other home in vallejo for last night to what is were discovered here. these two had been reported missing over the weekend and the bodies were found in this house on tuesday. police said going into the house tuesday night or i should say on tuesday to get more information from one of the women's husbands but when they got there they started to smell something bad and that is when they discovered the bodies. the husband is currently arrested and not in connection with the case. he was arrested for having bombs warehouse heat chris still a suspect in the murders of those two women and as you can imagine in this kind of neighborhood this has to turn people's heads around. maureen kelly focuses on people >> lived near the >> he was always be here. that is why i
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stay away from him. as always kind of thinking he is dangerous. not us who is this dangerous. >> police often calls where he lived with one of the victims and has been. baltimore would often be led away in handcuffs and neighbors say it is because of the frequency yelling mattresses you have with the elderly woman. >> is this is our common from time to time. >> then one day about a month ago he was no longer allowed to go inside of his property that he was spotted if the time scoping out the street. >> he would drive around to cover his face. i did not deliver think about killing son. it is shocking but i also that he is capable of the. >> and again he is the suspect in the death of both of his girlfriend and the two women at the home. reporting live in fillet decrement. >> thank you again. our coverage
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continues now with christine connally was in hercules. >> >> well police believe they found a white cadillac escalade this business park which is in the a outskirts of hercules if you're going to that's good right now appeared what you're looking at right here or what we're seeing interest of these are tense and search and rescue crews have been out here for hours. you concede degrees in those orchards there. they're searching for any sign of frederick solace who is been reported missing. let us go ahead and roll some video and walk you through what is going on here and hercules. frederick solace who you see here is reported missing on saturday when police found his 73 year- old father reported dead in the home of hercules on great moral drive. he had been beaten to death. the two had rented the house from nephron del moro as a girlfriend and he also wrote vocationally stayed in the house. today police that a white cadillac escalade and they are
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now searching the area for any signs of frederick salisbury's let's hear what her please place the this is a little bit ago. >> we have been quite a center for some time that frederick solaced has been missed it and not heard from since the early saturday. his intricate be involved in this case and in this investigation he still is missing. we're concerned about his safety. >> and this location is just about five minutes away from the house that frederick and record of rented. their rented it from the girlfriend of the killer. to continue our team coverage right now we have let talk to neighbors. >> this is the house of crepe myrtle drive with the badly. be in the body of rhetoric that was found on saturday night. apparently according to them they had been living here since april. a neighbor told me that to they were they're often in
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the house was owned by a girlfriend. they said recently he came over and was meant it to her husband about the fact that they lived here and he sounded a little bit jealous of that fact. was a mile away from where they found a way escalade for which had been seen driving over the weekend. in berkeley's date for kron4 news. please >> could not tell us what they've found in the white escalade but the search does continue for several hours. they're continuing to look for him who is it still reported as missing. >> there is multiple murders and they continue online at website. we had every breaking detail on this story. a slot on tour website at kron4 news. com >> taking a look at our current conditions it is approved, said there's a lot of nineties on the board and big changes next week and beard i will have more coming up next weekend.
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apple chief steve jobs hits the stage did san francisco. you see it here at the apple days of and to show off his potted new products. a slate was there and he shows us what they unveiled >> there is a new lipoid mandela and it basically it chops and a half making it the smallest man know yet. they have multi attached screen the also entered at a clip into the back. comes in six colors pretty thin pre order it should sit next week is $149 there's a pot shuffle google did not like the shovel that the blood and said it added back to back abundance and not as this will shuffle. comes in five colors it costs $49 and it shipped out
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next week. then there's the new hi todd touch. is there. it is easier on the pocket, better screen, a camera and you can take a to the video and they added a front facing camera for video chat. the video chat is a new feature. it is $230 depending on the storage side is you peck. it you can pre order now ships and next week and there's a new apple cd it is small if it's in your hand. it connects your home why five and 11 into the safe and rent http shows and movies from apple and stream and watch some right of your living room tv. they'll be $99 crude gains late for kron4 news. and the >> other hot day at their small but cooler as we head into the weekend. the full for custom just a few minutes.
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and this just then, the police
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say at pittsburgh elementary teacher was arrested for the mention of child porn. this is the picture, he is a teacher that work at this so much as one he was arrested at the school. they found several computer and storage devices containing thousands of images of child porn and is us. he is the a lifeguard for us to team. >> some tough times ahead for people to write ac transit and that they fear if they are taking a hard hat at the potential cutbacks. >> the writers could see some major changes starting in december and some say they will be cut in half and that is what they're talking about the second floor of this building in downtown oakland, they're having an ac transit board of directors workshop for the public and also comment on the proposed cuts in here some of the proposed cuts, lot #1 is eliminating half of
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their weekend service and a virtue is eliminating four of the six all-nighter lyons anniversaries reducing hours of all lands and forests out source saying paratransit services for seniors and disabled people. they're saying they need to close a major budget gap on september 22nd. and oakland i'm dahlin for kron4 news. >> a hurricane is picking up with category 4 storm and winds of more than 130,000 mi. per hour. ill-timed late tomorrow or early friday and is a state of emergency. they have evacuated the coast. the hurricane has already left a path of destruction across the caribbean and this is st. john days in the virgin islands. it is all sure and there are
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dangers recurrence of the them the coast and through labor day weekend. it is still hot this weekend and is expected to get hotter. pictures were taken earlier today in vallejo and a stick of jacqueline that on the latest. >> it is not quite as hot as it did last week. it is said to cool off a little that and 87 oakland. very warm this afternoon 66 in half moon bay is our only location where it is much cooler. we're certainly going to set warmer side is all of those '90s in the forecast. indeed morning on the mild side temperatures are not typical of 56 trees. as he had out the door it will definitely want up there. into the 3:00 is now pretty much over a hundred and
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3. it's popping l in antioch. let's look at future cast. green on the screen. into the 60 is a is 3 mi. but there to start the day. it is creeping into the '90s for that is the red you see on the screen. it is like to continue as we head into the afternoon. 90s on the board for tomorrow compared to sedate it would be few degrees warmer. this 100 and end up. it 99 concord. it made it 90s in most areas grade 97 cerro said. i mild on the coast. tomorrow is going to be a hot day before things began to cool off and start to cool that inland as we head into this weekend a storm passing through to the north is one to bring back extends the fog and it will return to our temperatures dramatically and that will last well into next week. in world this date 28 for
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the miners trapped. let's get a closer look at the mountings to video. they have used a miniature camera to shoot it. isn't of them in a plastic tube. >> (inaudible) one of them and takes on the job of to our guide to describe the conditions. chung as the table where he says they plan. where they store their water. we organized everything very well done here he says. one man jesters for the camera to come back so he can send a message to his family. >> (inaudible) >> then one by one of them and send greetings to relatives tried to assure them they are ok. some are also asking get us out of here. please. it is often hard to see much but the 600 sq. ft. area has been organized into areas for eating, sleeping and
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playing dominoes. several of them seem and acceded. almost all of them are sweating. in the notes them and i estimate they have lost 22 lbs. each. >> the men were scheduled to get the first top food today. some of it will help. it could still be christmas before they get out although a special drill might speed things up. pam? >> the number of illegal immigrants in the u.s. has dropped for the first have it 20 years. you are crossing for job streams of 11.1 million illegal emigrants live in the united states and two dozen and nine. that is an increase of roughly 1 million at 12 million in 2007. california has the largest percentage in the nation. at 6.9%. and now live look at cited
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traffic. this is the golden gate bridge on a clear day today. you concede traffic on both sides, north and south of the is moving well. again the traffic and headlights are pitched eastbound and boy that sure is where everything is right now the west outside not buy a dog.
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for all popular restaurant chains are introducing new meals that will do significant channels that year it was fine. >> when put together at this list of scary fast food, let us take a look of fear of them. apparently it denny's plastic grouchy this is to bore said they put it toward deep fried cheese sticks into the sandwich. further blurring the lines between breakfast. i have added it cheesecake on to their pancakes and apple be is provolone staff recalls. eating
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this is the same as the date 148 whoppers. to check out the entire list ourself go to our web site. >> that here stanley roberts he found some people behaving badly.. >> between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. you use the carpool lanes you need a fast track refund. driver is crossing the bridge are now required to pay $2.50. it is been not way for the last two months. the changes but all over the news in the papers and on the radius. tonight on kron4 news at 630 i returned to the bay bridge toll plaza to see if drivers are finally getting the message. in the next edition of people behaving badly.. >> sit with kron4 news as we follow the bay area multiple murder case and it has of the
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shaking and it lies a five people. stay here and will continue to cover the developing story. kron4 news news at 6 is coming out.
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live this is kron4 news at 6. >> high-speed chase and as with the death of a suspected serial killer in richmond. they found one body in his car into more in a cul-de-sac. >> it appears the body was here. >> we believe this eighth love of bead an elderly man to death at his home and hercules and they also may have killed his son. it is tonight's developing story were five dead bodies across three city is said one big mystery. kron4 news has extensive coverage on each murder and how they're connected. the center of everything is this man. 38 earl f. man. he is suspected of four
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murders. he was killed in richmond last night after he led police on a high-speed chase. this is where it starts with the coverage. heather? >> the multiple murders tickets to three bay area. the gingrich ran for this man was shot and killed by this man after being led on a high-speed chase that ended here. the police say he crashed his car and ran inside of a market and police went after him. they say he had a large knife. officers felt their lives were in danger said they shot and killed him. meanwhile out inside the crash, they found his girlfriend. she was strangled to death. they say she was kidnapped from the salon where she works last night. we want to move on now to her place. where turns out that he was wanted in last week. his 73 world man was reported missing.
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you see the picture here. let's move on that to vallejo where he is linked to the decomposing bodies of these two women. it found in the home filled with explosive materials. the woman had been missing for a week and it turns out that he would stay at the house of a little from time to time. >> kron4 news has team coverage at the crime scene and in both her collie is enfilade hope kron4 news is christine, is whether barclays. where need to tell us about the suspect and the offer under a deal. >> we had a news conference here about an hour gun in his at that time that they confirmed the death of his girlfriend. cindy trans. she had the body that was in the acura the had been driving shortly before he was shocked. they believe that he mentioned earlier that he had been kidnapped sometime between 5 and 7:00 p.m. last night. and then they say he killed her sometime shortly after he was
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shot to death at age 36. but the interesting connection about cindy trade is not only was she has a girlfriend but she was still landlord. they all lived in the same on together and he lived there often not as well. so it is a very tangled web and in the meantime here in vallejo as we mentioned two bodies discovered in a home nearby from here. >> the grim discovery of two decomposing bodies at this up for home was made out tuesday when officers came to into be the man who lives here in charge windows. it is about reports that his wife and her friend were missing. >> i just came to follow up on a missing person and came to get more information and has banned all we are inside the residence we smelt suspicious stuff that in our experience it let us to find the bodies crave >> they say the bodies had been
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here more than one day. a >> appears to have been here for several days. uh, i can say that one body was located inside the residence and a second body was located in the backyard. it would not say whether it was possible that he could not have known that the bodies were here. but police have confirmed that murder suspect and a friend also lived in this home and he did say here often dawn. with the relationship that is still under investigation. >> have to connect him to the two women. in addition to the bodies police also discovered a variety of chemicals. both at the home and a nearby storage facility. chemical >> they can use and make. explosives. >> is that the arrested for use of explosives. >> is a prime suspect in the is not out of the woods yet. his
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been interviewed by police today and they say his reaction after police told him that his wife and his friends were dead in their home and they believe that he might be involved. they say that his reaction to that was not we would expect from someone in that situation. police would not elaborate on not only to say it is not the kind of reaction that they expected. oliver at this point it is because of the explosive issue. this is the latest reporting live i'm dan permit for kron4 news. >> this is the car that belongs to one of the vallejo victims. police say the catholic escalade was seen leaving the home of the murder victim in her place. that is where kron4 news christine connolly it is. she's details of the elderly man was be in there. christine? >> police believe that they found the white calais in this business park in the outskirts of hercules and just a couple of minutes ago we saw a tow truck
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shall appear presumably to take the cadillac escalade away. i put it out of the way here seat and see what is going on. it is other search and rescue crews or in those places for hours. they have been searching the business part presumably looking for any signs of him. his been reported as missing. he's the son and let's go ahead enrolls some video here and now i'll walk you through what is going on porphyria >> carries the search and rescue dogs, the area could get been out here for it our searching for clues spirited as the latest twist in the effort on case and it began in her place about a week and a half ago. here's a time line. on august 22nd hercules police came to this, to break up the fight between baltimore a who is now dead. and his son who is missing pyriphlegethon the father and son read to their room and they reported him missing. when
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police came to the house they found 73 year-old body he had been badly be in and there are signs of a struggle. police believe that he was linked to the case and filed murder charges against him. they told him to look out for the way escalade he is driving in. now police have found that the escalator there are searching for any signs of frederick sallets. this search and rescue crews of rescue unit and helicopters out scowling the in it. >> is into a great weight in gold and to the case in the investigation he still is missing gear and we're concerned about his safety. >> we ask police said they found anything in the white catholic escalate in there was nothing that they could reveal to us but they found and we know that a search and rescue crews were called out to this area. they have been known her for several hours per to sell another bus of, lot of volunteers arrive said does not look like they're leaving any time soon. yes are
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reported as missing. >> our coverage of the murders continues online. we have every breaking detail on this story just log on to the website. >> look at our current conditions is starting to cool down a bet, it is hot and landed hot up in the north bay. another hot day but big changes coming up.
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as a live picture say now from barclays were pleased chris i loaded up red cadillac escalade they said it afternoon to continue their investigation. it belongs to one of the murder victims. one of the to a woman's body was found in the house. this vehicle have also been seen
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in her chalaza at the scene of another murder. they're loading up to take it away. we continue to follow it. >> fremont police officers made it to the hospital and they're recovering after a shootout with a suspect and oakland last week. they explain that there was a blood drive to help speed his recovery. >> he taught young was wounded in the line of duty as a is a there's dozens of students since last week he has undergone three rounds of surgery and may need more transfusions. his long ties to the committee. he's a
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graduate of to work here for many years. his two kids in the school district since see the kind of turn out on his behalf. he is not in here and it will be located to blood banks. kron4 news days. >> it's cooling down million all coming up.
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ec transit have been making cuts in service. they're making in our meeting to see what the croats will be. we have the latest. >> could see some major changes starting in december. some services will be cut in half and that is what they're talking about right now on the second floor of this building in downtown oakland. they're having an ac transit board of directors workshop for the public and also comment on the proposed cuts in here are some of the proposed
6:17 pm
cuts. number one eliminating all staff of the weekend service #2 out eliminating two of the all- nighter services never three is reducing the hours of operation on all of its once feared member for its outsourcing services for seniors and disabled people and transit is saying that any to close a major budget gap and they'll be voting on the cuts on september 22nd. in oakland i am dalian. >> it is the 28 day for f miners trapped in a chilean mine. there is a new video release today giving a closer look whenever it and how they're getting by. >> (inaudible) >> one of the men it takes on the job of to our guide to describe the conditions. he shows us the table where he says they store their water. we have
6:18 pm
organized everything very well down here he says and one man jesters for the camera to come back so he can send a message to his family. >> (inaudible) >> and then one by one of them and send greetings to relatives trying to assure them that they are ok. some art still asking " get us out of here please " it's not hard to see mention but that the 600 sq. ft. area is organized into eating playing dominoes and some of the men seem mac added. almost all of them are sweating. in no it was said that day estimate an average of 22 lbs. each. >> followed food might help there. they're the on liquid. they're not its schedule to get their first hot milk today. they're using at huge drill
6:19 pm
right now to open up an escape route it could take three to four months to help get them out of there. in national news police say a man stormed into the headquarters of the discovery channel in maryland today and he took three people hostage. he was eventually shot and killed by police after hours of negotiations failed. the hostages are ok but this man had been protesting the channel's programming for years. he said that they did not do enough to help the planet and he had at least one it real explosive device strapped to his body when he was shot. wells dry and bp says they spent $5,000 a week on advertising for the oil spill, is 3 times the usual amount. they say bp should spend more time and money on victims and less time on polishing their image. there when to remove the temporary cap that you're looking and they say there's no significant risk that to more will leave. >> if remains one of their this
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afternoon temperatures are mostly in the '90s but we're seeing things cool down to the 80s right now and and they store locations, 82 in san francisco, 75 in half moon bay and down and said they ended the north bay is going to someone said this evening a temperatures mainly in the '70s and at 9:00. will stay mild overnight and temperatures soared to dip below 60 and another hot day for tomorrow. temperatures are reaching 100 degrees and a couple of locations that is very similar to the day of the bart board to see about five degrees warmer. a look at the future cast is temperatures in the 60s in the blue here along the coast, those are '50s, even if you 70's mixted. it is very mild and as we headed to the afternoon you concede temperatures in the right here. those are temperatures in the '90s. we're
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cruising into the 90s and set the inland and we're going to see many more '90s. these upper 90s are triple digits and antioch. that is still looked the red by a robot we're expecting. it is five degrees warmer and that is that we're expecting. it is 99 also in concord. not but it is will it warmer than today and so is sen rosa. the good thing as saying close close to the coastline is lg be very cool still appeared a mix of upper 80s and tomorrow's planned to beat the very last hot day. will circling that on friday and especially around the bay shore and all of the coastline. fog is going to go to our coastline and that all continue to cool things until labor day weekend. the holiday itself is way below average and as we head into next week it will continue to cool. >> some experts say that the wisdom about planning for retirement needs to be reinvented. travel is sacramento
6:22 pm
tells us what made the list of common retirement and spirit catholic? >> the u.s. world report put together this list. let us take a look at this. the first was at $1 million nest egg will provide a lavish retirement. 1 million goal or 30 years it means your company and your tool to say appeared it's never too late. the 55 year-old can't accumulate 440,000 friday to 65 with the attack the way 27.5 percent the pay each year. bendable think that retirement is a permanent an abrupt exit from the workforce but more and more older work crews are cutting down into parked and then gradually transition in into retirement. to see what else made the last visit our was on the web section on kron4 news and said this will bring back after this quick break. whoa
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quo step in the pit their tools but the driver of the silver set now stop the toll booth and the driver begins to back up into told his number two and just as there at of camera view.
6:27 pm
as the treasury position to get a better shot the driver then has to tell but never won. briefly it proceeds to keep moving. the this time no one was brave enough to get of their car and try and pay their toll except for one passenger pavlodar repast. keep watching. the driver of this black car apparently sideswipes the bid after been told to the passenger service to do an inspection. right smack in the middle of the highway. i kid you not. this is one of the scariest moments of my career watching this man in the middle of interstate 80 doing an assessment of his car. it very dangerous. for the record please do not stop in lanes of traffic in do not stop in the lanes of traffic even if your from utah. o endicott levy without saying the obligatory
6:28 pm
driving over spot. for it bay area i am stanley roberts for kron4 news. be of a comet or a story for send this e-mail us at our website. of programs into tele lows friday and is his claim to be hearing the giant steps we will be showing a special issue of dateline nbc at 8:00 p.m. and the kron4 news at 10:00 p.m. the catch dr. philip 3:00 p.m. and the bill read w e sun does saturday will low
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at 630 are murder mystery. multiple murders and they area. did believe they're all connected. they're trying to determine what will assess the will create year-old effort on have us in these gaps. in hercules he is suspected of the beating death and ricardo has a 35 year-old son that is still missing tonight in vallejo could
6:31 pm
believe he is connected to the death of two women. those are decomposing bodies that have been found in the home and constitute the end last night with two more dead bodies. they have that part of the story. >> yes pam, they're looking for him after he had been named ed suspect in the hercules murder. that ended after he was killed by tutsi in richmond. want to show a video, they say he crashed his car inside the car was his girlfriend's. after the crash the card he ran inside the market at and the tolls on the next. and see in yen. this is
6:32 pm
according to a store manager who told me at 8:45 p.m. he went into the asian market making his way to the rear of a crowded store to the seafood the problem. they told kron4 news that it was there that he appeared to grab one of the butcher's knife. the chp officer picked up from there. >> are officers pursued the individual into the market. the officer supported him and dropped the knife but he did not. the officers feared for their safety and the suspect was mortally wounded. >> the whole violent scene was captured on several of the property is indoors and outdoors surveillance cameras. it all been turned over to police investigators at this point. upside for kron4 news >> we team coverage on six big story. christine connally is leavened barkley as for the 73
6:33 pm
year-old man was beaten to death. we start with kron4 news is the anchor man who is live with the details of the two women were found dead in their home where it contains the explosives. >> it is right can't we can't tell you that he's the prime suspect in the death of those two women. they're found on tuesday night of the same time one of those moments are has been still remains in custody of the police station. >> mr. a friend contacted ms. strand of business at 78 rose. is this one were assured that. he didn't put her in the vehicle. in any can enter your the intermission and every now is phone contact she had with the it a relative. or that he had at force. they then
6:34 pm
contacted us, the police department and some information was relayed from berkeley is that they were actually tracking vehicle. >> that is the very latest information got in the news conference. does about the death of his girlfriend said the trend. there in the car together police were saying that it cannot chair and then killed her shortly before he was shot to death by authorities. on to say some other videos. there's two other women found dead. this day you're seeing right now, this is the house of aliyah. their bodies were discovered last night and they had been missing for several days. one of that women's husbands had been living in the house. apparently for few days and police when they came to interview them about the missing woman they discovered the bodies themselves. he eventually was arrested because they also found some chemicals in the house that could be used to make explosives. they do not know what the husband's role is in all of this they do not know if
6:35 pm
he is connected to the other men including his wife or fees connected simply to the chemical that can be used to make clear there and into give him and his peace is still unfolding all they know is that he continues to be the prime suspect in all of these killings. live from vallejo and temperament. >> many different layers of the story appeared team coverage and is not the christine connally who is alive and her clay with the elderly man was discovered. christine? >> that is right. all day long police have been searching here for his son they have been looking at the business park at the out sports as well as ago we found that the search here is now over. what you see now is circuit which and rescue crews wrapping up in this area. again they're looking for frederick who is supporting the saying on saturday. they came here because they located a white cadillac escalade spill is go ahead and roll some video. we just had
6:36 pm
moments ago of the escalating taken away in a tow truck. you concede that it was found close to a great and barrel. we do not know how long the barrel has been in this business part of the bolero was seen driving it away from hercules home where he and his father was found dead. that's if they found anything else in the car and they take a listen to what that said just moments ago. >> the car at this point is awaiting for the search of there wasn't any indications of there's a body or or evidence other than that is potentially bloodier and serve weapon of that sort. a still pending the investigation. in your agency search and rescue crews that aired thoroughly searching through the area. for ours the been using dogs, helicopters, they're looking for any thing any signs. i'm sorry, it is frederick solace that he has not been found, he is still reported
6:37 pm
missing in their search is now complete here. reporting from hercules encrusting conley for kron4 news. >> our coverage of the multiple murders continues online, even go to different bay area news conferences and we have every waking detail on the sword is log on to website. as kron4 news. com. >> are big weather story continues, warm weather into tomorrow and right now temperatures are in the 80s and 90s across most of the bay area, is 75 in half moon bay. temperatures are usually in the '90s but it is a point to cool down on the east shore. it is 95 in concord and a look at your kron4 news seven day around the bay we have to heat that continues into the bay area, the temperature is our little bit slower to cool. your record to see as storm passed and will bring us back ours seabury's winds and cold air temperature is significantly into our holiday weekend. service will bear it back.
6:38 pm
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6:41 pm
while apple took place today in san francisco with news coverage in san francisco. our tech reporter was there caring what's new house ladies pots. there's a mean man no on the scene and a chopped in half. it's half the size. it's been i want touchscreen and added a clip on to it shines even at
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
this school
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
the date everybody is as durable goods today shot at the top of the screen she collapsed her match your 31 minutes. she turns out to yet she had a concussion after falling and hitting her head jury warmups. she's taken to a nearby hospital for tests say which showed the concussion. as for the record she had earned it into a third round. share stepping down. it's part of the owner said grow >> i turned 60 this year. so i
6:47 pm
turn 60 and i feel 40 and i look 80. it is been on my of mind for a while. >> are a guide to it are gives a good one like that. >> it is for the stanley cup championship and guess what? they're not wood to play for the shark. the person that led chicago passed it said as a young fellow as the young san those of you can't beat them bring them on your side. the university is going independent of football and basketball but they are appointed joint the west coast contest. this basketball program is no great insight. the plate 22,000 ft. every night. that is big-time basketball and now they're going to be playing st. mary's, the
6:48 pm
uss and little cracker box jim. >> a been one of the top teams in the west coast. they're like the w brought seat not see an bottom line is major gymnasium of the fact remains that 20,000 people means you take it seriously and will be interesting to see the other schools that train step up to keep up with them. the giants are on their way and the manny ramirez the show as chicago is today. we're talking but this is today and at first on to show the a's. whenever a boxer is involved he comes first and right now they had a home run and it is 4-3 yankees. going into the 19th and manny ramirez is making his debut today and as i said yesterday to do one thing well in this world and you could do whatever you damn well please. many of hit today. ok,
6:49 pm
and 23 the white sox won. >> it would have been a home run i would have agreed with you. >> they play it 162 games young lady. >> laughter >> the check everybody into the lineup. this guy is really good. he will make the olympic team. some of these guys are just holding it back. but la braun and carmelo are setting up tyson. therefore it and zero. pandy here about the football player hit by the truck? blairs and we can show this is because he was ok. this is to paul from iowa city and just hit by a
6:50 pm
truck. it looks much worse than it actually was. he was fine. the driver was cited for not yielding on making a left turn. this is what looks like one and nfl player loses a $50,000 during. he lost a 2.5 carat during and they are worried about the call we have to work on defense, at the hell with that. it's where is my hearing. the better find it. they eventually had to go up to the team meeting and it that hearing is still on the field. >> it untraveled vacation today the teammates were squabbling and his own battles through years. in our soft median when the last two provocative, the scent of a say 10 cult we bring you all the way in here, we only be three minutes. >> i'm nice to everybody.
6:51 pm
>> know pam has a dark side.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
all right there he is. john rural second-in-command. and tampa. tim is continuing to start. you are, i mean no offense but most of us have an altercation and other subsidy it that says i must be ready to treat your >> as if you do not get them that when they're about the maybe not a good job. you let your way to do it but if there point to get an attitude that they're getting that that is, i do not mind getting mad. they
6:55 pm
should be getting them that. >> you probably heard me say this a million times. i would not want to work for the raiders but something in me, far says that man that is 80 years old would rather go down with his ship than relinquish control. is this something. >> for what he has hired and women, i have no problem at all. the have not won a lot of games. yet the talk about that. if you take credit for the super bowl you one in the '70s you better talk about those games he lost in the '90s in the 2000. this is a situation as he is all by himself there's no one else around him and he has the ability. i pulled for the guy that is the most in the little league game. >> this has to be quit, this is not sports net central parity of commercials here. is it true that they're talking to get ryder? >> i think all trade for him.
6:56 pm
they might take a half. >> our city is out of there. >> he gets to get cut. >> said davis gets is crabtree. this is the 49 wrong. >> every inclination is for a lot of veterans and he's played as many career, nfl pieces that you have curettage. there is a little bit of the feeling that you earned it. and if your response and a negative way they're going to go after you. >> i do not know about him but i do not practice. i do not play preseason. >> therefore to come for you. >> are right now really quick in a great interview with the new owner. >> i think they might stay for a while. >> who is going a month? no
6:57 pm
>> body. not chris gauguin's group. (music) >> good night. people! look at you!
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go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. "the insider" has the most complete coverage of tonight's top star news. i'm lara spencer." is on.typef is caused by alcohol. >> michael douglas' first interview on his stage 4 cancer. >> the radiation continues to burn your mouth d it becomes more difficult to swallow. is l. >> will there be surgery involved in this. >> will the oscar winner lose his famous voice. >> for people in this re of an . the career backstory. ed with " familyso